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Help & Advice For Buying Luxury Furniture

From our history as luxury interior designers, Ikandi Interiors realise that buying an expensive piece of furniture can be a very daunting experience, therefore we are always on hand to help you make the right choices, and below is some of the tips that will help you make your choice.

The Ikandi staff are specialists in spacial awareness, suitability and practicality of furniture, and every piece on our website has been carefully selected to make sure we offer only the best selection of furniture and accessories. All of the furniture that we have on our site comes from manufacturers and suppliers that we have personally tried and tested in our luxury residential projects. We do not sell cheap, flat pack furniture. Infact, most of our furniture is hand crafted, but should any piece require assembling (because of size) we can happily send a qualified fitter to assemble it for you.

The Ikandi team are aware of how annoying it can be when you require a certain size for a particular piece of furniture, perhaps to fit in an alcove and you cannot find the size or even the wood or colour anywhere, which is why Ikandi have a bespoke service available. Many of our customers like to change their pieces to fit perfectly in their home and if you require any of our furniture such as cabinets, sideboards, wardrobes, dressing tables in a special colour or wood, we can help you now matter how unique your request is.

Finally if you are really baffled regarding which furniture will fit, what colours to choose always remember we have a design advice team which entails for a small fee one of our designers calling at your home and giving you unbiased advice as to the correct placement, type and suitability of any furniture or accessories that you have in mind. We are very proud of our luxury furniture ranges and we hope you will be too, but should you not be , we will always endeavor to put everything right and are available at the end of a telephone. You can also find more tips and advice by reading our blog or by signing up to our newsletter.

Our Five Top Tips When Purchasing Furniture

1. Measure Accurately - There is nothing worse than a sofa or cabinet invading a door space or walkway. All of our furniture have their measurements displayed online so if you are concerned you could always create a template to see if it fits.

2. Easy Access - Please be sure that your chosen furniture will go through any doorways and stairwells and that there is the required access to the selected rooms.

3. Bedside Cabinets - Always ensure that you leave enough space for bedside cabinets either side of the bed because they really are necessary pieces of furniture.

4. Accessorise With Flair - A co-ordinated piece of wall art or a rug can bring a whole room together. We offer a complete bespoke service on both of these products so If you want a pink rug with black borders, stripes or spots we can do it! The same with art work. Let us know the size and colours and we will happily quote for you.

5. Choose Quality - Try to always purchase the very best quality that your budget will allow. Flat Pack Furniture has a very short lifespan while good quality furniture pieces are timeless.

Ikandi Interiors are here to help you make your home beautiful, so if you have any questions regarding our furniture or would like some advice, give us a call on 0845 2698092 or email us, we would be delighted to help.

Help & Advice For Luxury Furnitire