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Bespoke Furniture

Using our expert designers and skilled craftsmen together we will create the perfect combination for your dream bespoke furniture. Our sophisticated flair can provide your property with the elegance it requires and we can turn your visions into reality.Our bespoke furniture can be adapted to every room in your property.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Ikandi specialise in designing bespoke bathrooms and kitchens on residential and commercial properties. We offer a huge range varying from high gloss kitchens to traditional timber, hand painted and rare species woods.
The Kitchen is a room every home not only requires but desires to be a place of comfort and practicality with a warm atmosphere. Remembering exactly what appliances you need or which mod cons you should choose can sometimes be difficult which is why Ikandi are here to advise and direct. Our kitchen installers specialise from the smallest contemporary galley to a completely hand built bespoke luxury kitchen.

Home Office & Studies

The home office is becoming more and more convenient so Ikandi are committed to utilising the very smallest space to a whole room whether it is a fully fitted working office or a small compact room used for paperwork. Providing the highest of quality office furniture, Ikandi endeavor to meet your needs for the perfect working environment. Our first priority is to maximise your space. We aim to achieve the highest level of style, comfort and practicality for the perfect office store room or fully functioning everyday office.


The bedroom is a personal and intimate place delineating your personality through its design and decor. Ikandi imposes bespoke furniture in a way that shows this off in its best light.
Ikandi bespoke furniture is the ideal option for your bedroom, from the stylish traditional feel to the chic modern look. Glossed, mirrored, hand painted or natural timbers are just some of the design choices we can offer.
Ikandi want to maximise your space and use each room to its full potential. Therefore storage is key to a tidy and clean look bedroom. Our beautifully designed fitted furniture, ensures the perfect store away for your clutter and also looks immaculately finished.


Storage space for your everyday objects is something that we can cater for with our bespoke range of fitted shelving and effective storage solutions. Whether you would like a small book case or a tiered library we can create the perfect space to hold all your books, CD’s and DVD’s.

Home cinema

Ikandi provides the service of designing through to installation of your home cinema system, furniture and lighting. Create the perfect setting for a home cinema with our fresh approach and huge choice of bespoke elegant furniture fittings. It could be for a small family or to host screenings for a group of people, Ikandi can suit your needs.

Bespoke Pieces

We can custom make furniture in virtually any matt, satin and gloss colours, a wide variety of finishes, both timbers and from contemporary to classic styles. We also offer pieces in different sizes to suit your needs and we can make a piece from your own sketch or design.

Bespoke Fitted Furniture